How to achieve a great service culture which creates a WOW experience.

  1. Interview customers to determine what they enjoy about your service and what could be improved.
  2. Break down and process map every step in the customer touches continuum
  3. Determine what customer expectations on quality service are and teach these to your staff. Communicate expectations clearly with customers.
  4. Understand and prioritize the inventible conflicting priorities for client service. (speed, price vs. quality)
  5. Build in WOW improvement processes to your services.
  6. Build in disciplined client contact program with ongoing relationship reviews. Build in multiple points of contact.
  7. Set and follow-up on quarterly goal-setting on satisfaction.
  8. After a client leaves have a debriefing session to make sure you identify clearly what the root cause of the departure was.
  9. Create a “sticky, impenetrable relationship by cross-selling other services and continuing to build value into the relationship.
  10. Use technology wherever appropriate, but make sure it doesn’t get in the way of a client experience.