Small things matter in creating a growth culture.

The key to growth can be the focus on the small little things we do every day that help move the organization and its people ahead.  Culture matters. Read on to help develop a winning culture in your company. It is critical that you understand the components that can drive success and make sure you don’t accept or tolerate anything that works to the contrary.

  1. If you do things in a self-serving manner, it will not succeed, but do it in a way that is for the betterment of everyone, those around you will happily be led to where you guide them.
  2. Small things matter. Small things, including random acts of kindness and paying attention to the personal life of employees can have huge dividends.
  3. Understanding the direction and challenges of your company and communicating this clearly to your team helps define your vision for growth. Fighting the dragon to bring your people around a common difficult cause is key.
  4. Clients are all that matters. Providing extraordinary customer service and creating wows is the way to intentionally differentiate yourself in a very competitive market. It is a constantly moving target but you need to build this mentality firmly into your company’s culture.
  5. Understanding leverage. The business owner who is able to understand the strength of the sum of each part is greater than each part on its own is on their way to effectively deploying leverage. Understanding when and what to let go of and turning this over to other members of your team, is one of the most important things.
  6. Understanding your weakness. Nobody is perfect, and those that think they are in the long run are the worst leaders. The hubris and inability to understand and empathize with their people ultimately leads to a dictatorship with short-term results.
  7. Curiosity builds great companies. True innovation happens through a culture of curiosity. How do we do things better? How do we make things stronger? How do we solve problems better? It isn’t always necessarily the next great technology but how we create culture where your employees as well as yourself are constantly asking new questions with curiosity of why things work and how you can make them work better.
  8. Make sure your employees understand how they can make a difference every day to your customers, your company and in their lives.
  9. Bad attitudes create a bad culture. The reality is only 20% of people by their nature are bullt to be negative, but their ability to influence the other 80% is huge and can drive a bad culture.  Remove them immediately no matter how valuable of a function that they perform.
  10. Stop and smell the roses. Often time leaders forget about the small steps along the way and need to celebrate each one of them as they occur. They tend to be blinded by the path of where we are going and forget to enjoy the journey along the way.