Do you need to take your business to the next level? Developing your leadership ability is critical to successful growth. How do we accomplish all of this? By working closely together, we will establish the value, goals and strategy to create success and growth for your business. Together we:

  • Define your niche and the value leadership brings
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Build accountability
  • Develop an ongoing check in and coaching schedule
  • Continue to evaluate and improve to reach goals

Focus Matters guides you through an engagement process which includes a series of sessions over a several month period focused on the following:

Entrepreneurial DNA
What is your Entrepreneurial DNA? What is the catalyst that drives your leadership? Using the insights of the BOSI Entrepreneurial DNA assessment tool, Focus Matters identifies each leader’s Entrepreneurial DNA. This provides important understanding for what filters to use to help drive performance. Click Here to find what your Entrepreneurial DNA is.

Goal Setting
This starts with focusing on your personal goals. What you do absolutely the best and what do you enjoy doing the most? This process helps you build on your strengths and uncovers the areas where your team can fill your gaps. The result is better balance, better focus and better performance.

Strategic Planning
Through the Strategic Planning process, we work to establish a mindset toward growth which drives your team around you. Developing a focus and desire to provide value throughout your organization can push your company off of its plateau.

Focus Matters—your catalyst to create successful leaders.